What is Udu Vuudu?

Have you ever wished you could wield a little push in the Universe, in one direction or another, and have some influence on what happens to people around you? Well maybe you can. UDU VUUDU gives you a unique way to cast your spells – with personalized voodoo dolls – and spread some cheer, encouragement, congratulations, or raise some eyebrows and have people pause in their tracks.

Have a friend who needs a little help getting over the jitters about that upcoming interview? Send some white magic as a fun way to express support. Have an ex-friend you’d like to see gain 20 pounds? Send a fat potion.

Use the dolls to send your thoughts about politics, sports, and anything else you’d like.
UDU VUUDU is a fun way to send messages to your friends (or enemies) – and realize your magic power!

And watch for the game version!


Unleash Your Inner Vuudu

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Share your #UduVuudu doll on facebook or twitter to join the fun. Inspire your friends and family with your creation since no two Vuudu dolls are the same.

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Bonus Games: Coming Soon

Bonus Games

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How does it Work?

  1. Take a picture, put it on a doll
  2. Add features to the doll or protective amulets
  3. Cast your spell, or state your intention
  4. With or without pins, the universe knows
  5. Print the doll, share by text, email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more!

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